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Process Flow
1. AutoCAD submission drawing done in standard format is opened in AutoDCR through BPAMS.

2. Case type, whether proposed development or amalgamation/subdivision is identified. If    proposed development, then building use (residential, commercial etc.),building structure(low-    rise, high-rise etc.) is auto-detected by AutoDCR from drawing.

3. BPAMS and AutoDCR is integrated to associate documental data with drawing.

4. AutoDCR reads data from drawing, establishes relationship between various entities.

5. Analysis is done as per development control regulations by AutoDCR. Tables and report are     saved with drawing. It will take about 3-5 minutes to save the file.

6. Some tables are generated in drawing like area statement, FSI table per building, summery of     FSI calculations, opening schedules, water/parking calculations, triangulation area for plot, area     block diagram with dimension, required margin regions, coverage per building etc.

7. Some reports are generated like Drawing scrutiny report, failed list report, check list report     which are send to BPAMS for making status available online.
AutoDCR process flow

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Building Plan Scrutiny - Conversion Service
Building Plan Scrutiny
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Building Plan Scrutiny
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