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A Unique Product to Scan CAD drawings and Map them to Development Rules
AutoDCR - unique and innovative solution provided by Softtech for automation of Building Plan Approval, reading CAD drawings and mapping them to development control regulations of the local bodies is an excellent technology(First and Only of its kind in India) Built by SoftTech for e-Governance of Municipal corporations and approving authorities. This has cut the approval process to just 10 days of about 30 days it used to take earlier.
AutoDCR is seamlessly integrated to online Approval Workflow to monitor the approval process with associated Document Scrutiny. SMS and Personal Digital Assistants are used for creating alerts and notification.

Current Problems
  • Manual Scrutiny of Drawings is time consuming and chances of omission of checks are high. This may lead to illegal constructions creating difficulties to the society at large.
  • Lack of consistency in approval process. Intepretation variance by different officers in the same approving authorities
  • Corrupt practices as there is no system to bring transparency.
  • Lack of measurement of the efficiency of the organization due to non availability of opeartion related information and reason of delays.
Solution - Simple 4 Easy Steps
  • Create a New Project & Associate the developed CAD drawings and project attributes.
  • The system reads the drawing and extracts the geometrical information of layouts and building plans.
  • Based on the project attributes the graphical object information is mapped to the relavant development control rules.
  • Final detailed rules verification report is produced, indicating Passed/Failed status for each rule.
Building Plan Scrutiny - Conversion Service
Building Plan Scrutiny
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Building Plan Scrutiny
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