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• Transparency:- Building plan approval procedure defined through AutoDCR is highly process oriented and the progress of the file movement can be seen by department officials, Architects and citizens at any point of time. The subjective decision of Plan approval process is totally eliminated and clear reasons are stated for approval or rejections.

• Accountability:- Every process has a fixed accountability with time limit is set. It could be seen at any point of time why the proposals are delayed, if any, the reason thereof and person responsible, issues if any are also stated by the system. Early alerts via SMS or Web interface is sent to the higher officers on undue delays.

• Responsiveness:- The proposals are acknowledged and site visit dates and further approval schedule is given to the architects on the spot. An SMS is also sent to architect and concerned inspectors.

• Consistency:- The approval is based on engine of development control rules build as a part of the system. This brings absolute consistency in the approval process. Reduction in the Architect’s/Authority’s effort for drawing and calculations. Eliminates the Human Errors & Manipulation and produces accurate reports.

• Uniformity & Standardization:- Approval procedure is brought to an uniform & easy understandable process wherein all officials & stakeholders follow same process bringing uniformity & standardization. Everyone follows a preset of rules & regulations as levied by the authority bringing in the standardization.

• Transformation of Administration:- The method of working has brought innovative approach in the approval process of building plans.

• Simplification of Procedure & Process:- Complex Byelaws are automatically scrutinized by software eradicating the interpretation variance & difference of opinion thus bringing the simplified procedure

• Showcasing of Best Practices:- Minimize procedural time, visible process, Thorough Checking, reduction of corrupt practices.

• Better Quality of Service: - Digitized Data Management, Timely delivery, Standard Procedures. Architects need not keep on moving from desk to desk for understanding the status of the file. If there is any cancellation on site visit they well informed through SMS to avoid unnecessary wastage of time. Tremendously reduce the time cycle of approval.

• Good Governance:- Regular MIS report & evaluation of workforce efficiency. Monitoring of citizen facilities & Engineering excellence.

• Creating productive assets of Lasting Nature:- All digitized data records are stored and archived. The scanned documents are stored for easy access at later date.
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Building Plan Scrutiny
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Building Plan Scrutiny
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