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• Drawing submitted in PreDCR format-AutoCAD submission drawings are submitted at single window along with application from. These drawings are in standard PreDCR format where all the entities are drawn on corresponding PreDCR layers and where user can use all AutoCAD commands to draw these entities on PreDCR layers. PreDCR is a software application used to create the architectural plan as per AutoDCR software requirement. It works under AutoCAD environment with additional menu and toolbar. AutoDCR reads drawing drawn in PreDCR formats automatically. Verifications according to type of the project-All AutoDCR

• Verifications are done according to project type- Building permission or sub-division amalgamation.

• Auto-Detection of building use: It can auto detect Use of building (e.g. Residential, Commercial or Resi- comm. Mixed ) and can also auto detect Building Structure (e.g. High-rise Bldg. or Low-rise Bldg) by drawings only.

• Auto-Triangulation: AutoDCR generates Plot area Diagram by Triangulation Method & Plot Area calculation itself for cross verification.

• Auto-Dimensioning with Block Diagram: AutoDCR generates Block diagram for each Floor and provide dimensions with Area Calculation.

• Auto-Generation of FSI & Built-up area Table: AutoDCR automatically inserts FSI & Built-up Area Tables with per floor detail for each Building. Same way inserts FSI & Built-up Area Table for whole Project.

• Auto-Generation Plot area Table: AutoDCR automatically detects the type of layout proposal – amalgamation or subdivision and creates standard area table as per the case.

• Auto-Generation of Area-Statement: AutoDCR automatically inserts Area Statement with all Proposed & Permissible Value in traditional Format.

• Auto-Generation of Schedule of Opening & Parking Table: AutoDCR automatically inserts Schedule of Opening for each Building. Same way inserts Proposed Parking for whole Project.

• Auto-Hatching to Particular Object: AutoDCR provides hatching to Particular Objects as described in D.C.Rule book. e.g. Green colored Hatch in Main Road, Yellow colored Hatch in Open Space, etc.

• Auto-Linking : It can auto link objects like each Building with corresponding Proposed Work (Max. coverage Area) drawn in Layout Plan, each Floor Plans with its section, Tank with its Section, Ramp with its Section, Stair, Chowk, Vshaft etc.

• Section reading & Association: It reads Section, associates each floor plan with floor section & gives Ht. of Bldg. & each floor by auto dimensioning.

• Margin Generation: AutoDCR generates required Margin from Main Road, Plot Boundary, Open Space etc. itself. Even It shows Proposed Failed Margin with Auto Dimensioning.

• Verification with Actual Coverage Area: AutoDCR verifies Built up Area (Max. Coverage area) Proposed by auto punching of each Floor plan automatically.

• Checking Double Ht. & Verification of Chowk/ Vshaft: AutoDCR checks Double Ht. of each Terrace. It verifies each Chowk & Vshafts for its clear Ht. by auto punching of each floor Plan automatically.

• Generation of Scrutiny Reports: AutoDCR generates the various scrutiny reports dynamically based on the DC Rules described by the respective Authority. Generated report shows the Failed/Passed Items with their rules in a very user friendly Viewable/Printable format. Reports can also be generated in local regional language. Customization of Reports can be made using user defined templates. Software reads the building entities from drawings, geometrically map each & every entity by corresponding with complex & interlinked rules. After scanning and saving the drawing, scrutiny reports are generated where all failed and passed rules are displayed with required/permissible values with proposed values so that architect can easily correct them.
Building Plan Scrutiny - Conversion Service
Building Plan Scrutiny
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Building Plan Scrutiny
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